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 I love both of these! I've liked this style of skirt for a while now but I've not been able to find on on the highstreet for a while (as I cannot afford designer) and finally I have found this in MissSelfridge for £45 which I may to invest in next pay day!! And these red trousers are just a random pick to show the style of trousers I mean when I say Wide Leg Trousers. But I already have a black pair and a patterened pair of them so far, but I would really like a bright pair. So my plan is to look in some charity shops to see if I can find some old ones rather than spending lots of money on an item I already have in another colour. (I will keep you posted about how that goes!) There are alot of charity shops in Nottingham,and near my boyfriends house theres a highstreet that has about 7/8!
 This paperbag style of short has been around for a while I know and it hasnt been my style really before but I'm beginning to like them more and more, however with my shape I think they would need to be much more tailored that some of the shorts i have seen/tried on and they look slightly odd on slimmer girls I think. So this pair (in the photo) seem like the perfect pair, I am yet to try them though so I will have to see how that goes first. Then theres what to wear them with!
Abit boring I know but I actually dont have a pair of black jeans!
They are all grey or dark blue, so I just need a pain pair of black jeans

I just went to get the photo of this pair of shoes I have been in love with for so so long but never bought because I had been saving for a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Shoesbut I've just found they are in the sale for £25!

I just cant wait until I'm better and not stuck on the sofa! The sale has been on for nearly a week i pray they still have a pair in my size!!


All clothing on this post is from Miss Selfridge :

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