Hello Sunshine -New Floral Shorts

Today I'm dressed for a sunny day, I'm going shopping with a friend to get some more things for our sweety fancy dress night out this Thursday. I also have to get some revision in today as well, I get way to stressed out about my exams!!

Also I saw this advert the other day (I'm quite sure its slightly old but it keeps coming on tv).

I love all the colours!

Back to today outfit :

 I just adds a few studs to the collar of the denim shirt, I'm not too sure whether i should buy some more and add them to the rest of the collar or leave it as it is just at the front. Any thoughts?

Love love love these shorts from H&M!!

 This necklace is broken if you hadn't noticed already, it did have a mirror in it before, it fell out a little while ago and I actually refer it like this now :)

Just a quick snap shot of my face cause I dyed my hair last night... It doesn't look that different to be honest but naturally I'm a little ginger/strawberry blonde! It always gives a nice chestnut colour to my hair when I dye it brown :)

This outfit was influenced by Frankie from The Saturdays :


Shirt - Primark + DIY
Vest - H&M
Shorts - H&M
Wedges - Newlook


  1. this look is so lovely! and your boots are so cool! <3 thank you dear for your lovely comment on my blog :*

  2. Lovely shorts! x


  3. I love your recreation of the look :D Wonderful job and I love the jacket and shoes!


  4. Thankyou all very much!! And thankyou to my new folowers!! :)

  5. I love your studded jacket and those floral shorts are just beyond words! You really took your inspiration and ran with it in this look, which I love- Frankie's outfit has nothing on yours :)

  6. those wedges are sooo nice!
    and the shorts are really cute :)


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