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I'm thinking of a song, It's a wonderful song....

Today I went to the charity shop that I was talking about earlier to check out that coat a little closer, and its even more beautiful than I had originally thought. I found out its still £65 at a charity shop. Which (although its going to charity) I do think is a little much for a second had coat... Hmmmm

I have also been searching the charity shops for some wide leg trousers or a maxi skirt and its really just not happening at the moment. There just seems to be nothing, I think i may have to venture to the vintage warehouse in town a little later this week to continue my hunt.

Also i have been searching the internet for new bargains (which I did not) but i found these beauties!!

Jeffrey Campbells again :

Amazing but they are made of leather which I do not wear.... such a shame that so many beautiful pairs of shoes are made from leather!! However even if these werent leather I doubt very much whether i could afford another pair of JC's.

I've just stumbled across the JC Lookbook (which is available in full on the link above ).
 San Diego
 Meeker in Black Suede

 Register in White Patent
 Harlow in Taupe Suede and Wood

 Be Well in Black Perforated Suede, Franklin-ESP
Butterfly in Tan Suede
Nicky Says in brown blue leather

(I did check and there wasnt any thing as far as I could see that would suggest I cannot use theses photos but please let me know if this is not the case )


Photos shot on location in Ontario Oregon By Helen Pearson.

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