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Jeffrey Campbells :)

Today I am very very stressed out with trying to hand in some of my university work after getting better so this is a short one.

Love this outfit, just hope I can actually walk in theses Jeffrey Campbells... My first pair!! :)

I love these jeans with the stones on! Although I've wore them that often the stones are dropping off now =[

Horrible horrible English weather today yet again!! So I've put on my Mac because I'm sure its going to rain... Also talking of coats, there is an amazing coat in a second had shop window I keep seeing as I go by so I'm going in to investigate today hopefully. I will let you know whether I get it and will post up some photos!

Love love love these shoes!!! The most expensive item of clothing I own now!!

Sorry for the shortness, I need to get going to hand in my work now


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  1. wow those shoes are gorgeous!! love them and want them, :D