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Revision Revision Revision

Today I'm wearing something very basic because I'm revising at home. (Well I should be after this post)

I've tried to have my hair back and give it a little more volume today.
And this nail varnish (Barry M) is my absolute favourite!!

I've sure you may be able to tell by now that I have a slight obsession with structured handbags / Vanity cases

Shorts and Jumper - H&M
Vanity Case - Miss Selfridge

Also today I nipped into the little high street near where my boyfriend lives and got myself a few little bargains:

I Got all of these for £10!! Bargain.
Sorry for the short/ unorganised post but I really better get on with some revision. My first exam is in 12 days!! Scary.



  1. Just found your blog and I gotta say I love your style! :D

  2. love your shorts and that bag is adorable:) and wow what a bargain with all those buys! the tea cup aww:] good luck with your exams!! xx

  3. Thankyou both very much!! It means alot that people are checking out my blog :)

  4. different pics then im used to seein of outfits... i like it =)im new too.