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Wish List

Today I recieved an e-mail from Miss Selfridge and found this! :

Not only is the dress gorgeous, but I'd really like the head piece.

So i searched the website and found nothing. I emailed them explaining what I'd found and asked whether it was something coming into stock in the future or whether it was just for the shoot.  And they replied withe no reference to the head piece! =[

"Dear Miss Arnold,
Thank you for your email received 27 May 2011

Unfortunately, we do not have the facility to locate stock in store.

Try your local store and if they do not have it in stock either, they will see if they can order the item you want from our warehouse. Click here for the telephone number of your local Miss Selfridge store.

Miss Selfridge Customer Service"

So I will be searching some other shop for an item like this. Let me know if you spot anything similar, I will love you forever!!

I better get off here now though, I have an exam in 2 hours!! -_-



  1. Good luck! I'll tell you if I find some similar dress. And also good luck in your exam! xx
    lady in boho

  2. Oh, I hate it when I can't find something that's in promo photos :(

  3. I loveee the shoess and the dress & the headbanddd<3.
    the whole outfit is gorgeouss<3.
    pretty blog.xx