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Thankyou so much

my followers!!
Both my old and New followers. I really appreciate you reading my blog! :) 
Now I've reached 50, I will hopefully be doing a giveaway very soon.Today I dont have much to say other than I spent about £70 at the Topshop sale.

I got the scallop top in grey.

I got this colour and a black one.
They are so cute!

I also got myself two new necklaces and two rings! But there are no photos on the Topshop website at the moment.
The sale is pretty good so I would suggest checking it out! :)

I have also been meaning to say a thankyou to the lovely Rachel, for taking time to interview me for her blog!
Visit her post here:

p.s) Blogger is being silly and wont put my photos in the center sorry.


  1. Money so well spent:) Now I'm off to see what Topshop treats I can find!
    B x

  2. congrats on the followers, and i recently browsed the topshop sale and it's pretty good! although, i hate it when you see something that you've bought for full price! :/ lol x

  3. Naww! Thanks Chelsea! It was no problem, I really enjoyed doing the interview.
    The Topshop sale is just fabulous, I checked it out yesterday. The urge to splurge was overwhelming. ;)

    Rachel xx

  4. just stumbled across your blog its brill! i dont trust myself with the topshop sale gonna steer well clear xx