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The best present.

I realised today that I havent ever shared with you the lovely present that my boyfriend got me for our 3 year anniversary. A D&G blouse shown in the photos above! :)

Thought it would be nice for you to get a glimpse of my bedroom. My sister collects teacups (for her future tea shop) so the rooms full of them! haha
(ignore my patchy walls!)

I've not been up to much recently, its summertime (well not exactly summer in England) so I should be having fun but my boyfriend is in Essex and one of my 3 best friends is in York. This boredom has lead to me trying to sew some more things and taking photos.

I have also opened an account with Asos Fashion Finder:

Its atually a nice website to use, I actually prefer it to Lookbook at the moment! So try it out and add me as a friend :)



  1. the shirt is gorgeous, as are the black boots, where are they from?? and I go to college in York :) xxx

  2. your boyfriend is lovely for getting you that blouse! it's so gorgeous (:
    I adoreee your bag and shoes too xxx

  3. That blouse is so gorgeous!!! I love it :D

    xoxo, Eva @

  4. oh, we love love love this post! the outfit is goegoues, the photos are great! really cool!

    xx, Sabinna and David

  5. Wow you lucky thing! Gorgeous outfit :)

    B xo