My Weekend

A little off fashion topic, but I dont often share my personal life with you so here are some photos from my weekend with Zee before he left for Essex :)


There was a food fair in town :)
Little trip to starbucks

We went to a park to feed the ducks :)

(this is Nottingham University)

Hope you have all had a nice weekend! 


p.s) My latest look on Lookbook can be found Here
my attempt at photoshop it didn't go too badly to say I dont have a tripod


  1. amazing photos.
    and nice outfit!

    BTW, I’m your big fan – your style is really original and I read your blog very often and I just wonder..if we could follow each other.. But even if your answer is “no” I’ll be still your reader ♥


  2. Aww looks like you had a great weekend :) The photos are beautiful & the chocolate has officially made me drool ;) YUM!

    xo katie elizabeth

  3. Candy paradise + Starbucks + beautiful day = my idea of the perfect weekend! I love your outfit! You look great! (:

  4. such lovely photos!!! omgggg i love candy, those pix are making me drool hehe

    beautiful outfit!! & great blog <3


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