Outfit Post - Dip Dye Shorts

Today I am wearing one of the pairs of shorts that I Dip Dyed, a Shawl/Kimono type thing from a charity shop (£2.75!) , and some new shoes I picked up from New Look yesterday for £9 :)

(These shorts will be up for selling on my shop starting next week, and if you like them I hope to do some more in different sizes.)

I am going to be a little busy over the weekend, so I wont be posting on here I don't think. My Boyfriend has got a summer placement with the pharmaceutical company GSK! I am very proud of him but it means he will be moving to Essex for 10 weeks so I will be spending the weekend with him. What are you plans for the weekend my lovelies?



  1. No plans but i adore those shoes!(:

    xoxo, kay

  2. Hi! I like this post so much, you look really great!
    If you want come and visit my blog, and if you like, follow me!


  3. I have those shoes! But you got them so much cheaper -jealous-. They're so lovely, can you walk in them ok? I struggle. And that charity shop find it pretty good! I thought it was from Topshop at first.
    Good luck to your boyfriend!

  4. the shorts are really nice :)


  5. i love the shorts, adoore them :D

  6. That kimono is amazing for just £2.75, it looks so much like the sort of thing Topshop would sell for like ten times the price!

  7. i love that purple kiddie thing



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