Vintage trousers

I am across some pink flared trousers in the Nottingham Vintage Warehouse, they werent the prettiest of things but I loved the colour. I bought them anyway so that I could turn them into shorts:
Mark the trousers at the prefered length

Mark the trousers a few inches below the preferred length

cut along the second of the two markings

Fold up,iron and sew in position.
The Finished Shorts

A pretty simple thing to do but I thought I would start simple with my first step by step.

I'm pretty busy at the moment! I had to rush around picking up a few last things for my trip to Essex, go for a meeting about setting up some volunteer work through my university to get back in time to look after my little sister at 5. So tired!

But heres my beautiful little sister:

Shes very impressed with her first missing tooth!


  1. Lovely *

    Lady Fashion, OUI?
    Have a fashionable day! <3
    IT *

  2. Oo, fabulous idea - I would never think of that! x

  3. Love how you did that! So cute! Thanks for your comment-following you now.

    Follow me back!

  4. Nice DIY, I should try too, btw the pant's color is really nice :D

    and your sister is too cute :*

  5. The shorts look great! I love adjusting clothes found in charity shops! :) xx


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