Eat Healthy

Not quite a fashion topic but I thought I would share this with you after I found it on the lovely :

Its just healthy eating but by post! 
The have such a wide selection to choose from and you get to rate which ones you would like to try or if you've had one, let them know whether you love it or want to 'bin' it.
I've already had my first box delivered, it was yummy.
And it helps me stop nibbling on Chocolate!

And the first box is free if you use my code here:


 You also get your secon box half price!

  so order away! and you can always cancel your account if you dont want any more :)



  1. These look like a great idea! Did the food taste good or is it all looks and no substance?

  2. I really wanted to get some boxes of that, but my mum wouldn't let me;/ It all looks so nice!

  3. Eat well box!!

    I'll definitely check it out hehe


  4. awrh thanks for mentioning my blog! I love i think i'm on my 3rd box now even though i said i'd cancel it after my second box! haha! (: Hope you enjoyed them! You should try the korean chilli crackers, they're absolutely gorgeous! (:



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