Highstreet Shorts

Its still summer (although it may not look like it in England!), I wanted to do a little post on some shorts that are available on the highstreet, as I'm quite a fan of shorts if you hadn't guessed already. It may not be the weather for bare legs in England at the moment but we have holidays... and tights! So here are a few of my favourites :


Urban Outfitters

Miss Selfridge

River Island

I love the Topshop Embelished shorts but not for that price!! I was thinking of doing a DIY pair of my own. I've been wanting to do some for a while now, a pair of embelished and also a pair covered in studs, safety pins etc!
I'll let you know how it goes :)


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  1. I love shorts soooo much... All these are beautiful! I'm thinking of DIYing some shorts to look like the Topshop ones.. they're a ridiculous price ain't they! But they are gorgeous!



  2. Love the middle pair in every set, and the polka dot bow-belt one from Miss Selfridge!


  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE shorts - and these are all gorgeous :) Cant' WAIT for summer to hit Australia - I'm currently dying for it :)
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    And I just added my new single to the band page - "Devil's in the Detail" :)

    Mojo xx

  4. looove the urban outfitters silky pair one! Shorts are the best!

  5. seriously considering making an irrational embellished jade hot pant purchase...

    ahhhhh. love them

    Nicola Claire

  6. Love all these shorts- perfect for summer but also could definitely be worn in the fall!



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