Jeffrey Campbell A/W




Lita-Fab and Wright

Autry, Arizona and Rumble

Pauline and Rock-Star

Warrant and Kelsey

Cuffed and Warning

Roswell and Lita
I love love love Jeffrey Campbell, I know everybody thinks of Litas immediatley but there are so many more pairs of amazing shoes.
So I thought I would share the A/W Lookbook with you if you haven't already saw these amazing shoes!
I'm in love with the Tartan Litas, Cuffed and Warning shoes!
However I'm a strict vegetarian and I don't wear any real leather or Suede so I have to pick my shoes carefully! But luckily JC do have some fabric shoes!

Are you a fan of Jeffrey Campbell?



  1. I LOVE Litas! Especially those last ones, they're so pretty. I like Wright and Rock Star too, Wright to wear and Rock Star because they're just awesome haha. I think Jeffery Campbell shoes are amazing.

  2. I looove these shoes so much! I agree, cuffed and warning are the best. Yummm <3

  3. Cuffed is so cute! I am a fan, on how they look at least. The last pair I bought the sole started coming up after one wear, it was sad :(

  4. I love the first photo, its such a great picture - I love these shoes too, but I feel like everyone and their grandma have a pair lol xx

  5. Jeffrey Campbell has to be the best shoe designer ever!!


  6. I think I need the Rock Stars...and the Arizona, and the Warrant. JC makes the most amazing shoes!

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