My Weekend

has been pretty busy with Zee (my boyfriend), and he is moving out of his house over the next couple of weeks, so today I'm off to his house whilst he's in Essex to get started on some packing. I will be back to blogging over the next couple of days, I have a few photos of my outfits. I just havent had time to upload any just yet.

The view from Zee's window, I will miss the little abandoned house!

Also it would be lovely of you to like my facebook page for the shorts I'm working on, or if you were to just tell your friends if you think they would like my items! I am also purchasing a glue gun to do some jewellery! Simply Search "the orchid clothing" on Facebook or visit:



  1. That little abandoned house is great!! I will search for you on facebook...

    Kisses from amintasfashion

  2. That view is lovely! And I liked your facebook shop, the shorts you do are really cool! Is it very difficult to stud things yourself? I've always considered trying....
    Also, those tights are River Island's own, not another brand :) Even though mine were in the sale, they actually (strangely) still have the exact same tights on sale at full price :)

  3. What a great view, I would love to take pictures in that little abandoned house! Those shorts you are working on are super lovely! Are you selling them on face book or do you have an etsy or something?


  4. I had a look at your blogshop, those bleached shorts are soo cool!


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