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New Boots

Hello everybody! :)
These are a pair of boots that I've recently purchased, I've saw lots in this style but have never wanted to pay the highstreet prices. I got these lovelies for .... wait for it....£6.95 with £2.99 shipping!! Bargain. I purchased them on Ebay, you can find them here.
They haven't arrived just yet but I will let you know the quality when they arrive incase any of you are thinking of purchasing some

I've also not told you some news! I've finally booked a holiday, well a weekend away with my sister, but still I wont be in England at some point this summer! We are going to Paris for three nights at the begining of September, cannot wait as I have never been to France! We got a hotel and flights for £185 each, which I'm pretty impressed with.
Any recommendations of places in Paris to visit, apart from the obvious :)



  1. so cute

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  2. Those boots were a steal. I hope you enjoy your stay in Paris. If you plan on flying into and out of Charles de Gaulle Airport, remember that on your way back, to arrive at least an hour earlier than you normally do. That airport is huge and it takes forever to maneuver through!

    Have fun!

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