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Recent Pucrchases

I'm now back from Essex, I had a lovely time with Zee
Here are a few of my recent purchases :)

An oversized cable knit for winter (£8 Portobello Market)

Skull Ring (£3 Portobello Market)

Ring (£3 Portobello Market)

Petticoat/tutu to wear under an oversized jumper (£6 Ebay)

I'm working on some more Levis shorts, with a suspender attached, the credit for this idea goes to my sister! I started on them last week. So far they look like this:

I then went into Urban outfitters the other day and they have some very similar!!

These are clearly better than the ones ive made but not worth the £75 they are charging!

 I have also finally reached 100 followers! 
So I wanted to thank all of you that read my blog, it means alot that people are actually reading this! I will be doing a little jewellery giveaway this week to celebrate so keep a look out!



  1. the skirt is beyond cute, I love it! happy to be your newest follower :)


    Fashion Fractions

  2. omggg, all the items you got are sooo cool!
    can't wait for the giveaway btw ; ) lol!


  3. That is a great chunky knit sweater, they're supposed to be a big trend this Fall!

  4. I love the jumper! What a good buy! And the shorts look great so far! I'm sure they'll be amazing once they're done :)

  5. that sweater and emerald ring are so gorgeous! what an awesome DIY too :)


  6. Oooh that sweater the skull ring and those jeaned shorts - FAB well done love super creative!

    Following you now babe lovely blog + great style :)


  7. Thats amazing saw those shorts in UO loved it so much but not enough to splurge £75 on it love the sweater <3

  8. Cool buys!

  9. I love what you're doing to these shorts! Definitely beats the urban outfitters prices. I fanned you on lookbook a while ago and totally forgot to check out your blog! Love your style, Keep it up girl! I'm following :) xx
    oh and thanks for the comments on my blog :D