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Bargain £5 buys

First of all I would like to thankyou all for the lovely birthday messages!!

 A little while ago I purchased a mint green sheer blouse from Ark for £19.99.... a few weeks later I went into a shop in Nottingham ( it was the kind of cheap shop that the clothes are lower quality and everything is like £10) only to find some similar blouses, so I purchased a white one. When I had them together I noticed the exact same label was stitched inside. I was not very impressed that to find that the blouses Ark were selling were available 5 minutes away for half the price!!

After the initial annoyance of finding out I'd wasted £10 more on the Ark blouse, I realised that the Quality of this 'cheap' shop may not be so bad and looked some more. I have since purchased quite a few items from this shop and did so today with my birthday money. I spent a mere £15!!

Bodycon Zip back skirt = £5

Purple dress = was £10 now £5

Green Dress - Was £10 now £5

I fell in love with this dress when I saw it and was very happy to find it was reduced to £5! There were so many on the rails and nobody seemed to be buying any at all so I took one of each colour straight to the changing room, the 8 was okay but as I am quite tall I got the 10 to give it a more respectable length.
Which one do you prefer?
Also if you are in Nottingham the shop is called 'Magenta' and you might find yourself a little steal.



  1. I love the green dress! So nice! And asif it was only a fiver xxx

  2. Wish I lived closer! Love both the skirt and in the dresses!

  3. wow ah-mazing buys!!!
    i really want to find some shirts like those! im going op shopping tommorow so i might try find some. i will prob do a post about it too!


    shop style conquer

  4. I love the colour and detail of the green dress! Nice finds :D x

  5. Wow, great purchases! And so cheap! :)

  6. The dresses are gorgeous! That detail!

  7. Amazing finds! I will definitely go there, whenever I'm in England! Can only imagine how beautiful those dresses are on (especially loving the purple one!).


    Framboise Fashion

  8. I love the bodycon skirt! Would love nice tucked into the white blouse x

  9. I want that bodycon skirt, it's lush! Such a steal! There used to be a £5 shop near me but it's closed down now :(