Diet Coke Competition With Asos

Hey beauties :)

First of all I just wanted to show you what I was wearing yesterday

Cardigan - Primark, Skirt - New Look, Wooly socks - Next 
Top - Primark (Mans T-shirt cut into a vest)
Jewellery - Ebay
So let me get to the point of this post now.

Some of you may have heard me mention Asos fashion finder or you may actually use it yourselves, in which case some of you may have already heard about this competition.

Basically you have a chance to win Asos vouchers if you are 1st,2nd or the people choice, not only that but there is a prize draw of £100 Monday-Friday!
(now who doesn't want vouchers for more clothes?!)

There are 4 main trends used for this competition :
Pussy Bows & Pencil Skirts, Heritage, Power Jumpers, and Mod Squad.

And all you have to do is create an outfit with your own take on one of the above trends! 

Click the image below to enter!

p.s) I'm not promoting diet coke, I just simply thought you may like to enter! 


  1. lovely outfit, i like what you've done with the men's primark tee!


  2. Love your outfit, the top looks so cool! xx

  3. I really really really love this outfit. Everything looks fantastic, what you did with that top is lovely! Good luck in the competition girl! xx

  4. Hi hun, thank you so much for your lovely comments. Love this outfit, fab what you have done with the mans tee. Love your cardigan I am kicking myself as I seen it in Primark. Looks so good on you I want it now lol xxxx

  5. LOVE the ribcage tee and the cardigan is such a lovely colour, instant follow ! x

  6. i love this red for autumn, wonderful look dear :)

  7. Gorgeous outfit! I adore the cardigan it's absolutely beautiful! Pretty scenery too looks like a lovely day :) great competition crossing my fingers so hard ha-ha what an amazing prize!


  8. Lovely outfit. Love the knee high socks, you wear them so well.x

  9. Wow I love what you've done with the primark tee!x

  10. i really like this top, just wondering how much it was?:)
    i've recently made a post about this really wanting something with a skeleton on it, and this is like perfect. so thank you<33


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