Miss Selfridge Lookbook

Some of you may have spotted the lookbook already but I just thought I would share some of my favourites of Miss Selfridges new Lookbook for the latest collection which you can buy here.

I saved the best until last... I need these leopard trousers!!
View the rest of the Lookbook here.

And for those of you with money at the moment Urban Outfitters have a sale on. I very nearly spent £100 on a See by Chloe Cat Knit jumper. But I ought to save my money really with christmas coming up!

I've not had this blog for a year yet so you wont know just yet, but I LOVE christmas. It's my favourite time of year. I get very excited present shopping for my friends and family..and for my blog this year! I will be doing some Christmas giveaways!
(check out my current customised shorts giveaway here)

This is a very unorganised blog post because I had planned an outfit post, but it all went down hill yesterday when I ate some noodles and splattered the sauce accross my new cream top.

Hope you are all well you beauties 



  1. Wow.. Looks amazing :) I always forget about Miss Selfridge!

    The Deer Head


  2. Wow! I always walk by Miss selfridge and head straight for topshop but this look book is amazing! I love the sheer studded dress and totally agree those leopard leggings are a must. xx

  3. wow im suprised by miss selfridge lookbook ! its really fierce!! it reminds me of topshops esp the first few looks!

    I also have those boots too below


  4. They look so lovely! Don't blame you for wanting the leopard trousers, so amazing! xx

  5. oh god, that coat with the furry shoulders! amazing. i cannot afford to do any more shopping right now but i reeeally want some miss selfridge stuff now! uhoh x

  6. Looove these Lookbooks! Those leopard print leggings are AMAZING!

    Thanks for writing on my blog btw, I've written back :) I love your blog, it's always full of new things like this that make me go and check it out! lol

    Kirsti xx

  7. Im lovin these looks! especially the sequin!!

  8. Wowsers! This is so not very Miss Selfridge looking, i really like it all. Since my local miss selfridge was attacked and set on fire in all that riot madness, its had a really good shop re-fit. It needed doing anyway but now it looks great.

    Rianna xxxx


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