They have arrived!!

So yes they are replicas, not the real deal. 
But 1) I can't afford another £150+ on a pair of shoes 2) The real deal are leather and I'm vegetarian.
Which is what lead me to buy these replicas from China online and they look great! (Well I think so anyway)

I'm not sure how you guys feel about replica shoes but this is where I got them if you are interested.
here and there are some here too (they didn't go up to my size though).

Also I know alot of you love Litas but cannot afford them, whilst searching for the shoe above I came across this Lita Replica. I'm not such a big fan but I'm probably being bias as I have a pair of my own. These seem to be the best replica I've seen so far, as some of the others looks a little cheap.

For those of you wondering about ordering from China, I have never been charged any customs, VAT, extra charges etc and I have order quite alot from china. The shop that I got my shoes from here, got back to me very quickly with any queries I had. Do be prepared though that the cheap prices do mean cheaper shoes, non leather probably primark quality.

The shoes pictured above were £25! 
But sadly when they arrived there was actually a nail of some sort sticking up from the platform inside the shoe, making them unwearable. I e-mailed them and they got back to me within an hour to apologise. They offered to send out a whole new pair free of charge or to simply refund me £15.
I went for the refund as I cannot wait another 25 days for them to get here!
And looking at all the feedback it looks as though this was a one off.

Sorry about the essay!! 
For those of you skimming the writing I have made some text bold/underlined to show you the main points.



  1. As soon as I get paid these babies will be mine!! I always worry about ordering shoes from China, but they dont actually look cheap! I'm with you on the Lita's though, again probably biased as I have the real deal lol!

    The Deer Head


  2. Those are amazing! I'm so tempted, but since buying my Lita's I have a self imposed shoe ban...I'll see how I feel on payday!

    B xo

  3. These are great ! Love the ponyhair. I'd still get the real ones though. I like quality over a cheaper price x

  4. these are amazing - can't wait to see them on! im hoping for the sam edelman version for christmas... we'll see ! xxx

  5. they look like awesome shoes! and thanks for al the details about ordering shoes from that website, i think i might try it!



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