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Christmas Presents

Hello you lovelies
I know I mentioned in my last post some of the lovely presents I was lucky enough to get on Christmas day, but I thought I would share some photos (of the fashion items not my many DVDS).

First of all for those of you that haven't  already, go and check out the jewellery at Regal Rose! I want everything!

Secondly, the Topshop jewellery is all now in the sale so I would go visit your nearest Topshop if you haven't already :)

Here a few of the things I've got myself in the sale this year (so far):

 Floral Shorts £15, Top £12 and Ring £3 - Topshop
Brown Shorts £12.50 and patterned Skirt £12.50 - Ark
Pencil Case £4 and Perfume - Boots

What have you lovelies treated yourselves to this year?

Just a quick note to those of you that were interested in the Nottingham Street Style feature on my blog, I haven't forgotten! I have been out a couple of times with my camera, but I decided that I would wait until the new year as most people have several bags and were clearly rushing around Christmas shopping. So January will be my first street style post



  1. heh, the top is adorable!
    i agree with you on regal rose, if i could, i would happily own every piece from the website :) xo

  2. That t-shirt is amazing! The cuffs are so cool aswell x

  3. the accessories are so amazing ! love them all

  4. Wow!! So enious of your jewellery!! You've alos picked up some fab sale bargains! I haven't even hit the sales yet - I may brave them tomorrow. Hope you had a lovely christmas! xx

  5. My local Topshop hasn't gotten into full sale gear yet :( I'm thinking it'll go all out in Jan. The same seems to be for my local Miss Selfridge too! Good to see you've already got some good things in the sale! Also, I love the goodie two sleeves tee! :)
    Hope you had a good Christmas!

  6. All the jewellery you got is amazing! I was having a look around the Topshop sale on Boxing Day - nothing really caught my eye though apart from one top but it wasn't in my size :(

  7. looks like you were lucky this year! i love that eye ring too - hopefully my topshop still has some left! x

  8. that skirt is amazing! love that ghost perfume too! xoxo