Fluffy Hat

I got this hat from H&M the other day when I was really cold, it is in the sale for £5 and it's also available in brown. It makes my eyes stand out a little more I think, I'm in love and keeps my ears toasty :)

Also I was in Miss Selfridge today, I really want these:

I have £65 Christmas money off my grandparents so I have the money but I'm not sure whether to go for practicality over beauty... but the fact that these are only £35 in the sale is out weighing my need for flat shoes!

I'm tempted to go back tomorrow in the hope that the last size 7 is still there..
What would you lovelies do?


p.s) I have a project at uni which requires us to create a personality survey, it would be amazing if you could take 10 minutes to answer the quesions


  1. I'd be hoping against all hope the size 7 is still left!

  2. I'm honestly not really a fan of the shoes, but I do love your cute little hat :) It does make your eyes stand out really well :)


  3. Get the shoes, for sure! They are awesome and really fit in well with your style. x

  4. Super cute hat!! :)

    Take care,Daniella xox

  5. Chelsea, this hat is GORGEOUS! It totally suits you.

  6. oh my god i have just bought these haha,definatley get them they look so expensive dont they im in love :D xx

  7. Your eyes are beautiful. Thanks for the sweet commercial. I followed you. Will you follow me back?




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