Weekend In Wonderland

This weekend I visited Liverpool for the first time in years, I took my older sister to the Alice in Wonderland exhibition at the Tate. 
Sadly neither of us are that artsy so we may not have appreciated it all but  my sister has loved Alice in Wonderland since she was little, the exhibition included original drawings and the manuscript! We had a fabulous time together and of course after we'd finished there we both went shopping.

I may have forgotten about the whole "don't buy anything unless you can think of several outfits first" and purchased these two lovelies :

Velvet Leggings : Urban outfitters - £15

This next item was an amazing bargain... I found a bralet from a few seasons ago in Topshop which I love but never purchased. It was the last one in my size and reduced to just £10! I got to the till and it was actually only £1 as it had been in and out of the sale cycle several times! 

Bralet : Topshop -£1
So lucky to have found it!

Sorry for the lack of variety in my posts recently, I've been a tad busy with my uni work and I've been feeling a little... bleurgh recently, if this term can be used. My friends in Nottingham have either moved away to Uni or are busy with their new friends on their course. I sadly haven't made many friends, that I spend time with out of lectures, during my time so far as I am not in halls or a shared house. So I don't get to go out at night all that much or if I'm shopping I tend to be on my own (when I'm not dragging poor old Zee around). I feel awkward trying to make friends at the age of 20!
Oh the good old days when you could wander up to a group of people, share your toys and become friends! haha
Anyway enough of my little sob story

How have your weekends been?


  1. Can't believe you got that bralet for a £1! What a bargain!
    Ughh, I'm in the same boat with the friends situation - Uni just steals friends! Come and move to Kent and I'll be your friend, haha :') x

  2. That bralet is amazing, I have such a thing for yellow just now, what a bargain! I know what you mean, I didn't stay in halls but I would definitely recommend joining any societies/clubs your Uni has to offer, I am in my final year and the majority of the people I have stayed friends with are people I met at my course society! x x

  3. that bralet is amazing! so pretty


  4. I'm actually in shock at such a great bargain!x

  5. What a bloody amazing bargin! Definately worth shouting about!
    I guess it can be awkward trying to make friends, especially if all your old ones don't have nay time anymore :( Just try and keep yourself open to new people. When all my friends went to uni, and I started a new course, I decided to be as chatty as possible instead of being nervous and quiet like normal. It's served me alright so far!

  6. Ugh those velvet leggings are to die for. Alice in Wonderland too?! I'm jealous.


  7. Love the leggings! And I remember wanting that bralet when it was first out, and for £1! What a bargain!

    I know what you mean about making friends in uni too, especially living at home and commuting every day. Your not thrown into making friends like people in halls are. Hope your uni work is going well though :)

    Kirsti xx

  8. Argh I feel your pain! I just had to move out of my uni flat and town because my flatmate turned out to be a total psycho control freak (!) and I'm finding it so difficult to make new "proper friends" rather than "lecture friends." Oh well, it'll happen, i'm sure! Amazing finding that top for so cheap and those leggings look gorgeous xxx

  9. I tend to become friends with people in the service industry, my waitress, my bartender, the guy who make smy pizza. Sometimes small conversation can turn into friendship, just put yourself out there!

  10. What a bargain at £1, its lovely!

  11. Jeeez, what a baragin that bralet was!! It's gorgeous too and the colour will really suit you! Plus the floralness is also a big bonus! xx

  12. I wish I'd had the chance to go to the alice in wonderland exhibition-I've just missed it! That bralet is so cute and what a bargain you lucky thing :)
    Rachelle x

  13. Love the top!

  14. the bralet is so beautiful!!!

    I totally understand you...if I haven't got my boyfriend I would feel very alone too sometimes...but I find it better to go shopping alone :p

    anyway, I've just found your blog and I'm definitely following*



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