Liquid Liner Dots


So this, the eyeliner heart/dot, is something I spotted in magazines years ago, something which I've saw on the catwalk but never on any body in person. I personally think it looks gorgeous, and even though it took a lengthy admiration period, I have eventually tried it out.
This is how I tend to do my eyes on a night out. It is really easy to do with a bit of liquid eyeliner and looks pretty cute if you can master the art of creating little hearts! 

I had planned an outfit post today but I've been in leggings and a t-shirt whilst sewing all day!

For those of you that haven't seen it already I have a jewellery giveaway ending this month.
Hope you have all had a lovely weekend!

p.s) I've listed some items on eBay today too


  1. I really quite like this! Looks really nice and different, and would be great on a night out! The heart eyeliner in the top picture looks great too xx

  2. I love the eyeliner dot too but never even thought about doing it myself, it looks really good! :)

    Kirsti xx

  3. That looks really pretty on you. Sewing all day sounds good x

  4. this looks so cool! but i know if i tried it on my eyes it would look really odd. i think the blogger kayla hadlington does and it looks really awesome xx

  5. It suits you :)
    And thanks for your comment. Great to know, as I really like those creepers.


    PS: I'm following you now.

  6. Good idea! :) I must try it... ;)

  7. my friend wears dots under her eyes too haha, all the time i don't think i ever see he not wearing them but it's definitely a unique look!

  8. This is so unique & suits you so well too! xx

  9. this looks so so good! seen it but never tried haha! xoxo

  10. very unique. never thought of that b looks good on u and i will try it out on myself as well. thanks for the inspiration.

    check out my blog -

  11. lovely!

    DEf gonna try it

    <3 Una

  12. this is really interesting, never seen anyone with it before! but it makes your eyes stand out really well :)

  13. Wow - I might try this - so eye catching and you pull it off beautifully!

    I'm running a giveaway over at my blog and would love you to enter: Jewellery Pack Giveaway!

  14. My friend has been doing the eyeliner dot for years, I think it looks really good - I wish I could do it too, but we would look a bit silly together!


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