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March Bloggers

Some more bloggers to share with you beauties!

This gorgeous girlie, with the most impressive hair might I add, has amazing style! The third image has to be my favourite of her looks, I love the contrast of the girly dress and khaki jacket. So if you like her style go and check out Sarah's blog, Nifty Thrifts.

Jade is the lovely lady behind Alright Blondie, she looks gorgeous all the time. Also she has the wonderful aztec playsuit, check out her blog here to get some inspiration!

Lella Victoria
I've followed Daniella's looks for a while on and was very happy when she started up her blog. She has a way of layering items, that most people wouldn't be able to pull off. If you haven't already take a look at her blog and check out her amazing wardrobe!

This is Quinn, she has a very unique style, she has some gorgeous pieces of clothing. Just looking at the three photos above you can see she has amazing style, you should totally check out her blog.

I found this wonderfully stylish lady on ASOS Fashion Finder last year, I'm very glad I came across her looks. She has some very inspirational outfits and does the most amazing DIYs! I'm sure lots of you follow the wonderful Victoria already, but if not visit her blog here.

Chelsea Jade


  1. I love these kind of posts, it's great to find new blogs!xx

  2. They all look amazing! Love this post! xx

  3. Nice to hear of new blogs, theses look great!
    Cara x

  4. Oooohhhh! Thank you so much!

  5. Aw wow thanks sweetie for featuring me on here!!! This has made my day! I love Victoria from Style Marmalade's style!! I'll have to check the other two girls blogs out :)

    Take care,Daniella xox

  6. My bloglovin' feed is getting a bit ridiculous now but added three more :)
    It would be mine

  7. defo gonna be checking out these blogs, love finding new ones

  8. Thanks for this post - I've found some lovely new blogs to follow. Yours included, of course.


  9. so errrr basically i am in love with you for posting this. what the hell girl! you're da bestest!!- jade xxx

    1. Awh thats okay! I love your style, hopefully you will get some more followers :) xx

  10. Yeah! I love these posts. These girls all look stunning. x

  11. I love discovering new blogs! Love Alright Blondie too, her style is amaze!