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A/W 12 ASOS Trend Guide

Here are a my favourite trends for this Autumn/Winter. I love that ASOS give a trend report that you can refer back to when ever you need it! You should check out the whole trend guide here. I thought I would share some of my favourite trends as you will be seeing me trying to style up these pieces in the upcoming months!

I have already started making purchases for A/W pieces, mostly off eBay. I bet if you sort through your wardrobes you'll find pieces that you already own that fall into these trend categories so go check out your old draws before buying lots of new goodies! I will be doing this myself soon and I may do another post like my S/S one.

Chelsea Jade


  1. I'm checking and sorting my clothes quite often now, I'm going to uni in October so it's necessary;) and the army trend looks pretty for me;)=)

  2. I loved the S/S post you did.. Really inspired me. Can't wait to see A/W one. I'm getting right onto ebay to shop the trends.. Looking for my new winter coat !! Roll on October (Birthday month, obviously!)