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The Shortcut - Review

Do you love this Reverse dress as much as me? But £45 may seem a little steep for us girlies, you can get this dress for your next night out for a mere £14.99 from:

The shortcut

This is a wonderful company that contacted me not long ago to let me know about their service. On a night out we all want a fabulous outfit so we buy new things and then these only worn once dresses accumulate in our wardrobes. The Shortcut has offered us lovely ladies a solution, a dress rental service! You can rent a dress for the weekend, free delivery and free returns for only £14.99! Simply order before 8pm Wednesday and receive your dress in time for the weekend, wear it out, look fabulous and then return the dress using the pre-paid returns envelope! They deal with all the cleaning do you don't have to worry. And you can choose from a range of dresses:

Browse the website here for more dresses.

The team over at The Shortcut were kind enough to let me sample their service for free to review and inform you lovelies about their website. I of course had to pick this stunning harness style Reverse dress, I've loved it for so long!

So what do I think about the service provided?
The delivery and returns is totally free, which I think is pretty perfect to say that it's a recorded delivery service. The dress range on the website is gorgeous, however I do feel that there could be a wider selection to choose from, though they are a new company so I'm sure there is more to come!
They claim that "Every dress is cleaned meticulously before we send it out" and I can confirm that the dress I received was as good as new. I would love to know who their dry cleaner is! You can also order up to two dresses at a time so if you cant decide pick up two.

Use discount code "
FIRSTTIMETREAT" for 10% off your first order!

You should check out the website here and to find out more check out their FAQ page.

What do you think of the website?

Chelsea Jade


  1. That dress is amazing! Looks fantastic on you. Renting a dress online, they think of everything.


  2. you look amazing in that! i love those type of dresses, quite sexy but fun to wear! :) x

  3. I love the cut outs. Thanks for sharing this website. Sounds like Rent the Runway which is also an awesome brand.

    Ava Tallulah
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  4. That is such a good idea! Definitely checking out their website!

    Kirsti xx

  5. That is such a brilliant concept! And the dress looks lovely on you xxx

  6. That dress is stunning on you! I'm not sure about £15 for only one wear though (is that just me being really tight haha?)

    1. Initially I thought it was quite expensive, but thinking about the company costs like the recorded delivery and dry cleaning it doesn't seem that bad at all. I wouldn't use the service regularly but for a big night out I think £15 is perfect for when you want something just for one event. x

  7. Oh wow, that dress is amazing! :)
    I've heard of designer bag rentals before, but never outfits! x

  8. Awesome concept, I think I'd prefer to buy it though xP

    The Lovelorn

  9. Really love that dress a lot, plus the shoes are very cute! xo

  10. I love your dress a lot, asymmetric skirts & dresses are one of my favourite things at the moment ;) !

  11. You look gorgeous! I'd love to do that but i fall in love with clothes to easily and wouldn't want to return it! xx

  12. Gorgeous dress!

  13. you look FANTASTIC in this dress! They have some great pieces don't they?! xx

  14. The dress looks gorgeous on you :) This is such a brilliant idea! I'll definitely bear it in mind :)

  15. This dress looks amazing on you! The idea of renting a dress is a nice concept but I'm not sure I'd be willing to fork out £14.99 for a dress to wear once. Maybe I'm just cheap but you can get a dress from Primark or from a sale for this price, it may not be as good quality but at least I'd get to keep it :) xx

  16. Oh wow that's a fab idea! I don't pay much more than that for my dresses anyway (tight budget!) so I'm not sure I'd bother :-) Really is a great concept though xxx