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Baseball Cap

You guys were a fan of my big sisters outfit in my latest street style post .... so shes back!

And shes also selling Topshop pieces and a Floral rucksack on eBay.

 Chan : Animal Tee and Jeans - H&M, Satchel - Vintage, Patchwork Shoes - Keds

Me: Tee - Levis, Dress - Primark, Hat + Necklace - Topshop, Boots - ASOS

This is my own take on the sports trend! Yes I know not overly sporty; I'm not really into the trend very much but thought I would challenge myself.I am a fan of the racer back and I do have a pair of hidden heel hightops so the trend has found its when into my wardrobe in the form of about 3 pieces! These ASOS boots have trainer feel to them when you see them up close, rather than opting for my trainers. The loose fitting dress and tee paired with a baseball cap is probably the closest I am going to get to the sporty trend! Sadly it started to pour it down when I left the house today so I threw on my trusty leather jacket and kept my beanie hat in my bag just incase.

Have you guys tried the sports luxe trend?

You may also notice my hair is slightly curly, I used the good old trick of plaiting my hair whilst wet. It's perfect as it give a slightly crimped effect which is all good with the surge in 90's trends.
And on a final note, my sisters amazing hair - before you all start queueing up to ask; she dyes her hair herself! She uses Henna from Lush and then lightens it after :)

Chelsea Jade

p.s) For those of you that had a little snigger at the slight penis like shape my skirt has made - I forgive you for your immaturity, as I too had a little giggle. I can however confirm that I Chelsea Jade Arnold do not have a penis contrary to the images which may suggest otherwise.


  1. You and your sister are both so fashionable! I'm desperate for your sisters maccabees t shirt! xx

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  3. i love your sisters jeans!and your amazing shoes :D

  4. you both look so different! yet both so stylish, your sister should create a blog too! x

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  5. You are both so stylist! I love your sister's jeans and your tee xxx

  6. Really love your leather jacket xx

  7. Apparently great style runs in the family :)
    Didn't think a baseball cap could be pulled off in England without looking touristy - I was so wrong!
    It would be mine
    Didn't notice the penis issues until you pointed it out... Nice

  8. I love that cap, you pull it off so well. The way you have dressed it up with the wedges, like a lot! Ive been on the hunt for a black cap and I want one even more now! xx

  9. Her hair is a gorgeous colour, so vibrant! I love your boots too, very cool xxx

  10. you're both gorgeous! You look amazing.
    And i laughed a bit too much at your "ps" comment :') xxx

  11. Love both your outfits!!
    super cute
    S xx