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Lazyoaf A/W 2012

Of course we have all admired Lazyoaf before, their quirky prints and oversized dresses. If not before then at least you will have seen the name popping up all over the place with their Batman print designs and their recent stock on ASOS! Check out their website here my lovelies. I came across the photos of their A/W collection on their Facebook page and thought I would share some with you guys:

Kapow Bodycon Dress £65

Kapow Leggings £38 
Daisy Skater Dress £65

Apple Sweatshirt £75

Happy Crop Shirt £60

Spaghetti Hands Skirt £45

Sticker Oversized T-shirt £38
Colour Panel Bomber £70
Skull Boobs Crop £40

Skull Skater Dress £65

Check out the whole collection here.

Chelsea Jade


  1. The new collection looks great! I especially love the double skull crop top :)

    Kirsti xx

  2. I love all of their new collection. That last dress would be perfect in the winter with chunky tights and boots!

    Ava Tallulah

  3. Such great clothes! Love that skull dress in the bottom picture! x

  4. Wow, such amazing clothes! The kapow leggings look fab.

  5. Aw I was eyeing up some jumpers on asos the other night - they really have the coolest designs. I love that daisy dress and the apple sweatshirt... and the skull top and the bomber jacket... pretty much everything aargh! x

  6. The "Spaghetti Hands" skirt is like the machine at the end of The Cat In The Hat! My childhood obsession is showing. But now i really really /need/ that skirt!

  7. So. Much. Love. I adore Lazy Oaf - it's just too expensive for me though!

  8. Wow really cool brand! thanks for sharing ^_^