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Sugalips Apparel Meets Batman

Dress - c/o Sugalips Apparel, Boots - ASOS, Headband - eBay, Sunglasses - ASOS

 How stunning is this dress, the lovely people at Sugarlips Apparel sent it to me, it arrive yesterday and I am already wearing it. I love the detailing on the front and the slight dip hem. Beautiful. They have some gorgeous dresses and there are some goodies in the sale so check out their website. I think I may be purchasing this kimono very soon!
My spike headband is another eBay goodie from China! I got it from this seller, it took a month so abit of a wait but it is the other side of the world ladies! I got it for £4.45 its pretty good quality so its worth it if your wanting one.
Some of you may have saw on instagram where I took these photos. I visited Wollaton Hall in my city which is where the new Batman film was filmed. You may recognise Bruce Wayne's house:

There are these spray painted in the surrounding areas of the park - pretty cool
It was funny seeing Wollaton Hall on the big screen as it's somewhere I've been hundreds of times. I went to school not far from here so we just used to come here afterwards or during the weekend. It's rather beautiful if you do get to come to Nottingham, you should visit :)

Chelsea Jade


  1. Love the dress and the spike headband looks awesome :) Aww, so jealous you went to Bruce Wayne's house!

  2. that dress is gorgeous! loving the headband too :D x

  3. this dress is prettyyy :)

  4. That dress is so lovely! Love the headband too! xx

  5. Ah, I love that dress. The criss cross pattern at the top is really cool..

    Ava Tallulah

  6. wow batman house :)
    I love that movie :)
    love your dress :)

    I follow your blog now :)

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  7. Ah I love Wollaton Hall. I love your sunglasses! xx

  8. Ahh I live near Nottingham and I had no idea Batman was filmed near by.. I literally would've stalked the place if i'd known (probably a good thing I didn't then!)
    I love this dress, shall have to check out the website :)

    Jo. x

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  10. loving the dress! and that you get to regularly visit bruce wayne's house! haha

  11. Gorgeous outfit, love your blog! x

  12. Love the spiked headband!
    Gorgeous as per usual :)

  13. Love the dip hem dress!
    S xx

  14. Wow! so beautiful! You are a beautiful!

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    Interesting blog! I follow you! Follow me too!))

  15. Such a lovely dress, I adore your headband too! Great look!

    Katharine from

  16. so tempted by the headband, love how you've worn it with this dress it's gorgeous :)x

    there's a give away over at my blog - Overly Selected

  17. I love your sunnies!
    I was at Wollaton Hall yesterday! Me and my friends go there all the time, it's lovely there in summer :)