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Blogger Interview - Miss Iffa

Hey lovelies, I have a different kind of post for you today, inspired by the new feature over on Miss Iffa, as some of you may have seen she has started a new blogger interveiw feature of which I was the first. So below I have an interview with Iffa so you can find out more about her and her blog:

1) Why did you decide to start a blog? 
I've always loved the idea of blogging, I thought of it as owning your own little space of the internet. Fashion is very important to me, and I wanted a platform to showcase my style from. I saw other bloggers and what they did and got inspired, making me want to start my own blog. I actually used to blog from Tumblr, but then shifted over to Blogger: best. decision. ever! I've met some wonderful people through Blogger!

2) What is your favourite thing about being a blogger?
love the blogging community! Every blogger I have met so far has been so lovely, friendly and just wonderful! It makes me very proud to know that I belong to such a community, and that in itself is such an experience. I love seeing other people's style and how they adapt certain garments to fit their personality. It's also lovely receiving emails from PR companies who are interested to collaborate with you; blogging is a two-way experience that is certainly very rewarding.

3) How would you describe your personal style
I would say my style is an androgynous take on the "east meets west" vibe. I love mixing clothing from my Indian/Pakistani heritage into what I normally wear; I was lucky enough to be brought up in two different, but beautiful cultures, and I try my best to showcase that in my style. My style is constantly changing and can range from either end of the spectrum; sometimes I'll adore anything grungy, and at other times I'd prefer something more delicate.

4) What/who inspires you? 
My parents are great inspirations to me. My father is a fashion designer, and I'm so proud of how far he has come. He started off working in a shabby little office by himself, designing shoes; and now he owns of the UK's largest fashion design houses. My mother has the most exquisite collection of jewellery, ranging from antiques to contemporary pieces. I remember when I was young, she'd reveal to me the little story behind each of her pieces. My parents made me who I am today, and without them, I don't think I would have ever developed an interest in fashion from such an early age.

5) Who do you think has the best personal style? 
Alexa Chung has a really enviable sense of style. I also love Amy from The Little Magpie's style as well as many other bloggers. I really admire people who can just pull on anything and still look so effortlessly put together. My day-to-day inspiration is probably just seeing people in general. I am mostly inspired by my peers, who happen to be very stylish individuals in their own rights.

6) What are your favourite trends for the upcoming A/W?
I love the Gothic all black trend. Different cuts of black are really interesting, like a black cable knit sweater with a black leather pencil skirt. I'm still a huge fan of studs and the military trend, anything androgynous definitely does it for me. 

7) What do you think the key pieces will be for this A/W?
A trusty cable knit sweater is a must! A good pair of sturdy boots should serve you well when the colder weather becomes harsher. What I sometimes do is wear garments from summer, but then layer crazily with lots of cardigans and scarves to make the look more wintry. Beanie hats are making a fashionable comeback this AW12, so it definitely wouldn't be a bad investment to purchase one.

8) Where  will you be shopping for these goodies?
Primarily Topshop and Zara. I'll also be checking out Ebay for some good bargains and for a quick fix. Maison Martin Margiela will be particularly good this season, along Isabel Marant and Dolce & Gabbana for the baroque trend.

9) Do you have any favourite bloggers to share with us?
I have so many! Chelsea Jade Loves is definitely my all-time favourite blog and I check it daily. I'm also a huge fan of the very talented Charlotte from CharClothier and Leigh Travers from Fox & Feather is such a sweet person! Evie from What Evie Wore Next is a wonderfully talented girl full to the brim with talent!

10) Do you have anything you would like to say to bloggers starting out? 
It's always good to comment on lots of blogs you love, I would advise new bloggers to invest in a good camera or borrow a friend's. Post as often as you can but don't think you have to have a routine, and it's okay to smile in your pictures! It makes my day when I see a blogger smiling in their blog pictures! They come across to me as really friendly, passionate and someone who doesn't take themselves too seriously - I can really relate to people like that. You don't have to be a model to look good in pictures, at the end of the day, you've just got to have clothes that look good.

It would be lovely of you to check out Miss Iffa if you haven't already!

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I hope you have enjoyed this post! I was wondering if you girlies would like to hear more about the writers of fashion blogs, I was thinking of editing the bloggers of the month feature to include 2-3 questions for each blogger - I'd love to hear what you think.

Chelsea Jade


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