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Nottinghams Fashion Event - 48 Hours of Fashion

As previously mentioned Nottingham were holding an event called 48 Hours Of Fashion over the weekend. People involved with the event were wandering around handing out flyers to point you in the direction of the days events. I managed to get a snap of these lovely ladies that were wandering around on Friday:

Below are a few shots I managed to get both of Friday and Saturday: 

The 48 Hour Wardrobe:

A lovely stylist talking about this seasons coats

Tea and Cake were available whilst listening to the presentations

Fashion Shows:

Hugo Boss

New Look

Sadly I didn't get chance to book myself into the Style Hub in Vic Centre!
It was lovely to see Nottingham getting involved with fashion and presenting to the public.

Did any of you see part of this event?

Chelsea Jade


  1. ooh it looks so much fun!
    Wish they had something, even of a smaller scale in my nearest city! x

  2. that looks amazing; can't beat a bit of random dancing in the street ;) xx

  3. this looks like such a fantastic time!

  4. Ah starting to wish that I wondered through town now. How cold must those ladies have been ! xx


  5. Looks amazing! I was meant to be in Notts on Saturday, wish I'd come up now! X

  6. the girls dresses in the first picture are stunning and those cakes look divine! xxx

  7. Wonderful photos my dear! Those girls in the first photo look beautiful :)

    Take care,

    Daniella xox

  8. Looks like a great event, makes me wish I still lived in Notts x