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Company Fashion Forum

Hey you beauts,
As I mentioned in my last post I attended the Company Fashion Forum in London this week, it was so useful! And I got the meet the lovely Kirsti and Victoria when I eventually got to London. We were given a glass of prosecco and were to mingle for a little while before the Forum started.
We were lucky enough to talk to the fabulous Lena De Casparis (Features Writer) and Laura Martin (stylist) from Company's team, and they were so lovely to chat to. I did spot Victoria White (editor) in the room but I was too intimidated to approach her!
The first thing I'm going to share with you is the fabulous goodie bag we were all given:

Looking forward to trying out the OPI colour!

And finally I don't want to be totally selfish, I am going to share a couple of tips from each of the ladies on the forum.

Designer + Blogger - Fred Butler:
Be yourself, be nice and respect others! Be hard working in everything you do as recommendations previous employers and work experience are used for future placements and jobs

Account Manager- Jamaique Campbell:
Be prepared for hard work, and take a look at what each role entails so you have some knowledge before you start.

Stylist - Aradia Crockett:
Styling is hard work, so be prepared to work and treat everyone with respect whether they are above or below you.

Oasis Buying Directer - Sarah Walsh:
Be passionate, ambitious and hard working. Don't be afraid to ask questions, it's okay not to know something - we are all learning!

Miss Selfridge Visual Merchadising Manager - Mandy Heasman
A degree isn't essential and retail experience is a great way to work your way up

Company Editor - Victoria White:
Make sure you stand out from the crowd! Lots of the current Company team started out as Interns that Victoria wanted to keep in the team.

Please note ladies that these are not exact quotes, I took lots of notes and this is the sort of gist of what the panel were saying! One of the things that everyone agreed on is that a degree is not essential and that a job in fashion is not as glamorous as it sounds!!

I hope you found some of this useful and if you want more advice check out this piece on Company magazines website.

Chelsea Jade


  1. What an amazing goodie bag! The event sounds fab. Xo

  2. That looks like such a lovely goodiebag full of things! :)
    And really useful tips, I'm about to start applying for internships and I'm scared!
    Have you done an internship before?

  3. thank you for sharing i'm so peeved that i missed it

  4. Great advice.
    Thank you so much for sharing- I especially like aradias advice. Respect is key even in my line of work (I work in healthcare) in bottom if the pecking order but if one person dears to talk to me rudely they're not invited back.

  5. Thanks for sharing!! Regret not going!!
    S xx

  6. Aw bet this was so much fun! The goody bag is looovely :) x

  7. I wish I went to this! The goody bag looks amazing, jealous!

  8. That goodie bag is like a lovely Christmas present! You must've had so much fun xx

  9. I want that goodie bag! Wish I could have went


  10. Great tips and that goodie bag is really amazing! Very very jealous x

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  11. lovely blog.

  12. Wish I could have gone!