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MUA - Review

Today we have a beauty post, I know a rarity for me! I'm afraid I'm not all that interesting when it comes to beauty routines - moisturiser, compact powder, eyeliner and mascara, thats about as far as it goes. However after reading a number of amazing reviews of MUA products I thought it was worth giving them a go.

I have tried 3 products:

Compact Powder: I absolutely love this stuff, for just £1 it is amazing. I prefer it to my usual Max Factor powder which is perfect for my purse! It is the perfect coverage for the day time, so I would recommend this product for sure!

Eyeliner Pencil: The pencil is a soft kohl style pencil it is really soft which is perfect as my skin is pretty sensitive. And guys the lid has a built in pencil sharpener, how amazing!

Liquid Liner: The applicator for this liquid liner is perfect and is very easy to use. Sadly though the liner does however seem to dry and crack through out the day which is sad. Here are a few photos below to show you:

Photo taken immediatley after application.

And this photo is from about 5 hours later, and the eyeliner had already started to flake and fall to below my eye.

So it doesn't look awful but I tend to add a flick of eyeliner and a flakey flick isn't a very good look, so I think I will be sticking to my Barry M liquid liner after this. Though the MUA pressed powder has replaced my Max Factor Powder for sure!

What do you girlies think of MUA products if you've tried them out?

Chelsea Jade


  1. I love the MUA powder so much!xx

  2. yes!! the MUA powder is so good, I also got white eyeliner from them which is amazing. I wouldn't ever recommend the mascara though, I bought one of theirs for £3 and it was so bad!
    Sami xxx

  3. The waterproof version of MUA liquid liner is amazing, I bought it to use at halloween thinking it'd be nothing special but didn't wanna use a more expensive one cause it was to draw on my face. i was pleasantly surprised by how good it was.

    Sam xxx

  4. I felt the same about the liquid eyeliner when I bought it. However I really like the MUA lipsticks :) xxx

  5. I love MUA, maybe you should try the felt tip liner instead? :)


  6. I have the powder, it's amazing! I want to try the nail crystal things that have come out recently, they look really cool and so cheap for £2!!

  7. Ooh I think I'll definitely have to give the powder a whirl, I have one of the cream blushes and a lipstick - both amazing products! I'm after one of the eyeshadow palettes next :-)

  8. I tried the liquid same thign happened with me!!
    will try the white kohl!
    S xx

  9. I love the mua lipstick, just because i don't wear it often so i don't want to pay ridiculous amounts for it, its £1 so you cant really go wrong, and if you dont like it, it's not that much of a waste on money.
    Check out my blog to see :)

    Coral x x x