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Wine Midi

Jacket - Miss Selfridge, Dress - c/o Karma Clothing, Bumbag - ebay + DIY, Boots - H&M

Some of my readers may remember a few older posts where I spoke about how I am not a fan of midi skirts as I feela litle frmpy. I was however refering float summer midi skirts which I still feel dont quite suit me, but there are so many pretty bodycon midis around it is hard to resist! This long sleeve dress was sent to me by the lovely people over at Karma Clothing. You can find this dress here, along with a number of other colours for just £12.99 - bargain! I was very happy to collaborate with Karma clothing as they have such great prices, and I wanted to share them with you lovelies. They have a pretty amazing polo neck midi with a santa on for £9.99 - thats right a christmas midi!

Chelsea Jade

p.s) Karma clothing have a similar dress to the ever popular sold out Topshop zebra dress ;)


  1. That dress looks like a dream on you. I absolutely love these shots, you natural beauty!

  2. ooh I'm obssessed with midi's, and this one is gorgeous! x

  3. that dress is a beaut, it looks amazing on you! i always feel frumpy in midis but i bought one today and gonna give it a go! loving the bum bag too.

    Laila x

  4. Love this dress, looks lovely on you xx

  5. Gorgeous colour, and the style looks amazing on you! xxx

  6. your dress is beaut, and you pull off a bumbag better than i ever would would be able to! xx

  7. You pull of that dress amazingly! xxx

  8. Chelsea I'm so jealous that you can pull off the midi! I look so silly as they always cling to every lump and bump, with my winter tummy they're a big no-no!


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  9. Any length body con looks amazing- you look great :)
    I LOVE the bumbag

  10. you coudn't look any more perfect.

  11. It looks lovely on you, not frumpy at all. Love the colour and such a bargain!

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  12. Love your bum bag so cute!
    S xx

  13. I used to feel the same about midis but now I'm all midi crazy! This suits your figure so much and the wine colour is a perfect colour for xmas related celebrations :)

    Gemma x

  14. Thankyou for all the lovely comments! x