I'm Trying to Downsize

So as the title has said already I am currently trying to downsize my wardrobe, I am moving to London in July so I am going to have to minimise my wardrobe so I am selling some things. Much of the stuff I'm selling I don't really want to get rid of but I'm pretty sure I have a hoarding problem so I am trying my best! 

I took some photos of the clothes so everything below (minus the shoes, glasses and belt) are for sale:

Simply click the links below the images to find the item or click here to find my full listings. Let me know if any of you want a buy it now price just make an offer :)

Chelsea Jade


  1. you always have simple and beautiful outfits ♥

  2. well done you having a clear out haha, i have soooo many clothes but can't bare to part with them! eek xx

  3. love your stuff! will def have to bid!

  4. Love the flower printed jumper

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