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Warehouse 90 Minute Delivery Service

Hey ladies,
So some of you may already know about a new campaign by Warehouse to promote the 90 minutes delivery service they offer, yes 90 minutes ladies! Apparently their record is 16 minutes, that's my ideal shopping experience! Anyway here is the video:

Back in June Warehouse held a competition, which you may have seen online, where people submitted their outfits and 9 winners were selected on Facebook. These 9 winning looks are now featured in the video above, the rather beautiful girl in the video changes her outfit every 90 minutes according to whats happening in her life be it a date or an interview.  My personal favourite look is the library or potentially the interview, I'm rather liking the smart looks as I am a fan of the boy meets girls trend (though these are sway much more to the feminine side of things). I'm a fan of this campaign as it shows the variety of occasions that Warehouse collections cover. 

If I were to take advantage of the 90 minute delivery service (Interning doesn't really allow much spending at the minute sadly) I would probably purchase this adorable cord pinafore dress. Or maybe this rather icredible biker shirt, yes biker SHIRT, the most amazing piece I have come across in a while. 

Have you spotted anything from Warehouse lately? And what do you think to the 90 minute delivery service?

Chelsea Jade


  1. This is the first time I've heard of this and it sounds amazing! Sucks that I live in the US, but the concept is great! I love the street wear outfit + interview one! Thanks for sharing this!


  2. 90 minutes!! This is greatest online shopping experience ever created! I love the interview outfit and the bus stop :) xx