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I think I may be in a minority here with this confession but here goes:

"I Chelsea Jade have never purchased anything from Forever 21!"

It's not like I dislike the brand, I have been in store several times, and look online but when it actually comes to payday it always seems to slip my mind. I decided to take a look online again as I'd like to shop in some different places and maybe create a wishlist outside of ASOS (as much as I love ASOS). Do you ladies shop at Forever21? If so how do you rate the quality, as this is something I worry about with brands I am unfamiliar with.

I'm a little in love with the patchwork jumpsuit and glitter hat! Maybe I will have to make a cheeky purchase at the end of this month - oh how I miss the freedom of my Student loan for my shopping habit, make the most of it while you can ladies!

Chelsea Jade


  1. I always seem to forget Forever 21 too. I probably ought to pay more attention xx

  2. I adore that jumpsuit, everything on here is just awesome! Such great picks Chelsea! x

  3. Me neither! I always browse online, but ever time I go into a shop I never seem to find anything!
    Except glittery socks, haha x

  4. Oi can't believe you have never bought anything there! Anyhow, F21 is a bit weird when it comes to quality. For the most part the saying "you get what you pay for" is true. After a few washes the pieces tend to unravel or get pilly. However, the only reason I still like to go in there and look around, I have found some products that are great quality. I even have a really cute deep plum lace dress from over 4 years ago. It still looks amazing and shockingly enough, is from F21. Also works well if you just feel like you need something that looks super cute and is cheap. They have a lot of amazing products in there, you should definitely try it out!

    Hope this helps,

    P.S. ASOS is much better than Forever 21!

  5. I love the matching suit! I've never bought anything from forever 21 either!

  6. I've only ever had a couple of bits from there. I always see nice things in magazines or online but I never see anything when i'm in store x


  7. I love F21 and I'd definitely rate the quality! It's so affordable and that little bit more unique than H&M or ASOS.

    Tara xo

  8. This look fits you perfectly!

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