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Clothesminded - Recent Purchases

Lurex turtleneck 
Dog tooth skater skirt

Sheer crop in black and white

These are just a few of the pieces I recently purchased from Clothesminded, I spotted a tweet that said all crop tops were just £1. I'd been after some more basics so I didn't hesitate, I started filling my basket. I have to say there was a slight hiccup, after spending half an hour or more picking out the pieces I wanted for my basket I added my last item to find only one item in my basket. Slightly infuriating, I left it for that evening and started again the next day. Whilst it may not happen to you I'd recommend making an account and adding to your wishlist before adding to your basket if you are browsing. Anyway I got a few of these sheer crops, some more basic crops like this and that adorable lurex turtle neck for a mere £1 each! Sadly that promo is over now and they are back to £4-6 each, however you can checkout their shirts as they are all £4 at the moment or keep your eyes peeled for promotions on their twitter feed!

Go and have a little browse and let me know what you think! - or what you buy :)

Chelsea Jade


  1. super cute stuff! I love everything but especially the sheer croptop <33

  2. wow amazing prices! in love with the sheer tops x
    The Frill Seeker

  3. love the dogtooth skater skirt, I'm a sucker for anything in that print!