Get In My Wardrobe - Marc by Marc Jacobs

I have been without a watch for a couple of years now, and I'd really like one before I start my new job in September (I'm going to be a 1:1 Teaching Assistant). I would like something pretty but that will be a good quality so I have been looking at the ever popular watches from Marc by Marc Jacobs.

These three watches are my favourite from the collection. The silver watch is the perfect boyfriend style watch as it is chunky yet feminine. The cut out Marc Jacobs logo is a great final touch. The rose gold classic watch is also pretty and a staple piece but the black strap watch would match way more of my wardrobe. 

What a predicament! Hopefully I will have a watch of my own soon but for now I popping one of these pretty Marc Jacobs watches on my birthday wishlist.

What do you ladies think to Marc Jacobs watches?

Chelsea Jade


  1. I think that black one is my fave as it would go with so much, although I do love rose gold watches!!

  2. Ah my favourite is definately the Gold! Gold watches just have a special place in my heart and the middle one is so perfect, they're all gorgeous though! I love a good watch they're the perfect staple I've got a little gold casio atm and I loove it! You don't actually think you need one untill you get it then watch you'll be like what did I do my whole life without it! haha Lovely post doll xo

  3. The black one is my favourite - it looks
    like you could wear it with everything. :)


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