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Bargain Beauty Basics: MUA

Recently I have been lacking in funds and of course I ran out of most of my make up at the same time, inevitable. So I decided to try out some more MUA products as the blusher is one of my favourites. So I managed to get foundation, powder and mascara for £6! I've been using them for two weeks now so I thought I would take the opportunity to let you guys know what I think should you find yourself needing make up on a budget!

I was pleasantly surprised by the Matte Perfect Foundation which I used in 'Fair'. It has a better coverage than the Rimmel + Sleek foundations I had previously been using. It does last a whole day, though it does have more of a dewy look than a matte look. The main disadvantage to this product is that there seems to be only 3 shades available so there it's unlikely that you will find an exact match. 

The Pressed Powder has the same limitation in that it only has 4 shades available, I used shade 1 so the lightest shade but it is a touch darker than my usual Collection Powder. In terms of coverage it is just as good as any other powder I have used and as long lasting. So if there is a shade for you I'd recommend trying it out, even if you just need a spare whilst out and about. 

The Mosaic blush is something that I love and is a permanent piece in my makeup bag. It has a shimmer to it which gives a similar look to using highlighter on the cheekbone. I don't use alot but just enough to add a bit of colour and shimmer to my cheekbones. At just £2.50 I can't think of a reason you shouldn't try it out!

The Lash Boom mascara I found to be quite clumpy to begin with, after a few uses the clumps seemed to go. The wand is a little difficuly to use as it bends at the end so I have had many eyelid meets mascara issues. It does last most of the day and held out in the rain last week but it isn't anything special so I wouldn't really recommend it becuase I know for just a few pounds extra you can get a much better quality mascara from the likes of Rimmel London or Max Factor.

Overall I am pretty impressed with the quality of the products for the price but I will be going back to some of my usual products come pay day. The foundation and blusher will be here to stay for a little while longer though.

Let me know what you think to any MUA products! Or if you'd like to see any other beauty reviews from a beauty novice

Chelsea Jade


  1. I've never tried MUA before but they seem like great value for money! // UK Fashion Blog

  2. I love MUA blushes - I have so many of them!

    Drea xo
    Drea's Junkyard

  3. Really helpful thanks!!! I am a poor student nowadays and have been using more and more MUA! So cheap, and some bits are actually really good! Jenn xx