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Hello Margaret and Phiney Pet

Topshop Green Coat and tartan check high waist trousers
Coat - Topshop
Jumper - Miss Selfridge
Necklace - China
Trousers - Hello Margaret
Shoes - Dr Martens
Green coat Topshop, Phiney Pett badges
Phiney Pett badges
Badges - Phiney Pett

Hello ladies!

I've been slacking on the outfit post front lately, but the weather has been pretty on and off! I am currently house hunting and job hunting for the summer so I have been a tad busy. Hopefully my new place will be prettier so I can find more places to take photos.

This is what I wore when out for the day with the boyf for a photography exhibition at Somerset House. I love that place, the buildings are so beautiful around there. I took a few overexposed images and was undecided but thought I would share this post anyway so you guys could see my amazing badges from Phiney Pett. I adore her designs and was pretty excited to find I had won an Instagram competition for some freebie badges! These are three of the five I won. Being a massive fan of the film Labyrinth since I was tiny, the 'Babe with the power' is my favourite. Phiney Pett also have a tshirt coming out soon with the same design, hopefully I will be able to get my hands on one.

Chelsea Jade


  1. That coat Chelsea! I absolutely adore it, it's such a great piece! x

  2. Perfect:) xx
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  4. You look awesome. Good luck with the house hunting x

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