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Wedding dress shopping

So I have two weddings coming up in the next couple of months and it has made me start thinking I'd better start figuring out what I am going to wear! The last wedding I went to was my dad's when I was a kid, I wore a white crop top short combo with a white lace dress over the top (90's galore) but I'm not sure I'd get away with that now! I've had a wee look at the high-street and online, I thought I would share my browsing with you in case you have a similar event outfit dilemma. 

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5   //   6   //   7   //   8

ASOS is perfect because you can try on and return for free if it doesn't look right. Their sizing is pretty true to size I find and their catwalk feature makes it much more easy to imagine yourself in the outfit! Also number 5 is only £25 ladies!

Quiz Going Out Dresses
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A wedding dress ideally needs to be of use again in the future so going out dresses are the perfect type of dress as they can be suitable for a wedding or a night out depending on how you accessorize! I am quite partial to the polka dot and the colour block dress here by Quiz

glamorous wedding dresses going out dresses
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4   //   5   //   6   //   7

Is it socially acceptable to wear a bright orange dress to a wedding, making you stand out in every photo you could potentially be in? Probably not but I need this orange dress, wedding or no wedding!

1   //   2   //   3   //   4
5   //   6   //   7   //   8

Missguided is the place to go if you want to look a bit more glam. If it's old friends marrying and your ex is going to be there then check out Missguided - guaranteed you'll be a head turner. 

Have any of you lovely ladies got any weddings coming up?

Chelsea Jade

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  1. Ahh, it's always so tricky, isn't it!! The wedding that I'm going to this year is on New Years Eve, so I'm just going to recycle last year's Christmas party dress! Great picks though, loving the Missguided dresses xo

    Jess, hi