Welcome to my make-up bag.

I just thought I would share some of the make-up that I use (mostly because a package from Barry M arrived today)

My slightly battered make-up bag.

 One of the items to arrive today was the new wink marker pen for eyes by Barry M!! It's great, it goes on so smoothly and dries very quickly. I love to do a wing and I just find this product so easy to use and it hardly takes any time at all which is important for me as I don't like to spend too much time on my face. 

It is not just  time, I don't tend to spend that much money on make up really, I'd much prefer the extra cash for a new dress haha.
I use Rimmel London mascara.
The green tube being the Volume flash mascara which is my favourite, but sadly it has nearly ran out. I then picked up a slightly cheaper one the Super lash which does the job nicely.

For my face I don't actually wear foundation unless I'm going out in the evening or on the odd occasion in the day time it does come out :)

So here is the Max Factor Translucent powder that I use, just to prevent my face being shiny. 

I'm not a huge make-up person, and I'm not really too fussed about different colours etc. but Barry M lipsticks and Nail varnish is something I love.

Today, as well as the wink marker, two lipsticks and a nail varnish arrived.

Not the best angle but you can see the gorgeous colour of this lipstick and the mascara I used :)


What are your favourite pieces to use and what could you 'not live without'?

Chelsea Jade


  1. Wow, that is such a unique lipcolor. So edgy!
    The wink eye marker thing looks awesome. I love eyeliner like that.

    Style Soufflé

  2. I've never heard of that eye marker before! I will definitely look into it in the future. That nail polish looks insanely amazing. I am loving the items in your makeup bag.
    What I can't live without are the basics - mascara, eyeliner, and some powder. My favorite item so far is my kabuki brush. :)


  3. I adore Barry m , i have never seen that nail polish before though and i LOVE it! Think i might just have to get me some :)



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