Get In My Wardrobe - Jewellery Lust

Hello you beauties!
I have tons of clothes (not that I don't want more) but I tend to get cheap jewellery, and I end up losing it/ misplacing it only to find it a few weeks later (Oops). I've been wanting to start my jewellery box all over again, so I've given some to my sister and taken some to charity shop. I want to get some more statement pieces that I will wear more often.
Although I'm pretty short on cash at the moment, I'm currently running on only my birthday money... I had a sad lonely £10 in my bank account!! Bring on my student loan! haha So this wont start until October, but it wont stop me lusting!

Regal Rose

Love hearts and crosses



What are you lusting after at the moment?

Also I forgot to tell you all that my boyfriend is taking me to Edinburgh for my birthday! I leave on Tuesday morning, and I will be back Thursday night. I'm half scottish and used to visit every year until I got busier as I got older, so it will be lovely to go back again! Its one of my favourite pleaces!



  1. These are all so pretty! Love the topshop and h&m bits xx

  2. Yea I pretty much want everything you've pictured!


  3. I love all of these, especially my pal's shop Love hearts and crosses! Have got a lot of love for LHC!!!

    Have you seen our shop? - hope you like it! x

  4. The Love hearts and Crosses rings are beautiful! x

  5. Great selection! I'm exactly the same. My jewellery collection is quite bad, I tend to buy cheap pieces, but I'm always thinking of taking a new direction. Maybe this season is the best time to do it.


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