Outfit Of The Day - Faux Leather

Skirt,T-shirt, Necklace : Primark
Jacket, Faux Fur, Bag - H&M

Good evening you beauties :)

I'm wearing some of my new items from Primark that I got earlier this week. I went for lunch with my mum and sister in town today, I was approached by somebody to take photo of my outfit as an exmple of tailored outfits which was very nice!

I'm also thinking of changing my URL/Name of my blog as I'm not entirely happy with the one I have. When I picked 'Lets put our hearts together' I love Beach Boys and I picked a song title at random. I didn't put much thought into the name of my blog as I wasn't sure if it was something I would continue but now I feel like the URL is too long. So I'm not too sure what to do ... hmmm.


  1. oh wow i really love the leather! looks like a skirt with a jacket with fur on the edges? so cute :)


  2. beautiful outfit! x
    and aw, I think your blog name is cute though! (:


  3. I love the skirt and jacket, are they both from primark????? Xxx

  4. this is a gorgeous look, the headband looks amazing on you!
    thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.
    i loove your blog, i'm following!
    faye xo

  5. i cant believe they are all from primark!!! think i may be popping there. im never used to primark having good clothes.

  6. Great outfit ;)the leather skirt is amazing and the necklace is gorgeous! The hadband looks very pretty on you :) Lovely blog. I followed.

  7. ooh the skirt looks so good on! I have to get myself a fur scarf they just look so good x

  8. you're so cute! you really suit that headband xx

  9. I like your blog name - I changed my quite recently and I didn't know that when you change your name, your posts stop showing up in people newsfeeds who were following via your old name! jst worth thinking about!

    and I LOVE that skirt! I'm on a year abroad and I miss primark so much!!

  10. Amazing outfit, no wonder you got photographed! thanks for your lovely comment :)



  11. This is an absolutely gorgeous outfit.. Literally love everything!

    The Deer Head


  12. Love the faux fur collar thingy! Also, can you let me know how washing your skirt goes? My Mum told me that that material is a bit of a pain to wash :(
    Also, with your blog name, I guess it's really up to you. If your going to change it, make it something that really tell people what your blog's about :)

  13. gorgeous outfit loving the faux fur and I am thinking I need to check out Primark xoxo

  14. Wow, this is great. I love your skirt! :) good luck finding a new name!

  15. holy cow man, I freaking love that pleated skirt paired with the fur. amazing. I wish I could get it here.



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