Outfit Post and New Purchases

Hello Beauties!
This is what I've been wearing today, the skirt I actually got off Ebay brand new with tags for 99p!! The necklace is a new purchase that I absolutely love and you can get yourselves one here. My apologies for the oddly dark photos, I'm not entirely sure what has happened .

Also my lovelies I have attempted my first ever video for my blog. Sorry if I'm too awkward in front of the camera but I did think it would be nice to hear what I sound like etc. rather than just my photos.
So here is a little video of the items I've purchased recently.

Boohoo Aztec Tee

Also not entirely sure why it looks like I have a milk moustache and I'm clearly impressed with everything  haha



  1. Aw bless your heart your so sweet :P I think videos are a good way to show things you've bought if you've got a lot. If you've only got like three things I wouldn't bother, unless you've got other things to talk about, but otherwise they're a good way to show stuff! :)

  2. in love with the leopard shorts!

  3. This outfit is perfect. I love the print on the skirt and the necklace is incredible and your video is super cute!

  4. Your outfit is amazing! I love your shorts and necklace :) I like your video too.

  5. Hi hun your outfit is amazing, I am in love with your necklace it is gorgeous and what a bargain xoxo

  6. Cute outfit, the skirt is awesome! Ebay definitely have the best things!x

  7. You have a great blog!! Love that necklace!!



  8. great vid chick loving all your new purchases great little haul loving the tee and leopard print shorts and I am in love with your necklace amazing xoxo


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