Vogue China - November Issue

Hello you lovelies,
I just wanted to share some photos of the lovely model Sui He photographed by Hans Feurer. These shots are a rough, tribal style by Anne Christensen.

I've been on the Vogue China website, as I'm planning on learning Mandarin and what better way to start than with an area I'm interested in :) (My boyfriend is Chinese and next summer I will be going over to meet his family...scary! but I should at least learn some basic mandarin!)

Anyway I shall finish this post with a short video clip of the lovely Sui He:



  1. She is so beautiful, oh my goodness! Her face is perfect--and she seems so sweet!

  2. She is so pretty! These pictures are awesome, I love all the clothes :)

  3. Essa garota é linda! Que rosto mais perfeito.


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