Creepers and Flatforms

So we've all saw creepers, they have been around for years but they have become much more popular recently and have been seen on the likes of Rhianna:

They are so beautiful, but then again I do feel that are like marmite you love them or hate them. 

 Though they are amazing or utterly ugly to some of you but either way they are pretty pricey! Even a second hand pair on eBay are way out of my budget for a pair of shoes, so a perfect alternative is the Flatform. Seen on the S/S12 catwalks of Christopher Kane to Topshop Unique. Plus they are perfect for those amongst us that are slightly challenged by a heel for daywear.
So I have taken it upon myself to scour the shops online to bring you a little lookbook:

Hopefully those of you lusting after a pair of flatforms have found this useful!

Whilst searching for you guys, I have fallen in love with number 3!

What do you think of this trend?



  1. That's a good way to describe them! Like marmite. Ugh I hate marmite. I do love creepers and flatforms though and I really need to get a pair! Of the creepers, I adore numbers 1 and 3. I loooove the super high platform. Of the flatforms I love 11 and 10!

  2. Love this post! Also happen to fall on the side of the fence that loves creepers and flatforms but you're defs right in saying that it leaves others rather cold; I reckon for every 1 person that loves them, there must be 100 who would rather walk aroud bare foot than own a pair of these!

    Appreciate the link to no. 12 - might just have to invest in a pair myself!

    Rosie x

  3. Ha-- great comparison! Quite like marmite! I prefer platforms over creepers myself (you'd think I'd love them both, considering how short I am)only because I'm still figuring out... the... shape (?) of creepers. I feel like I can't have an opinion on them yet simply because I don't understand them.

    I love the 2nd, 3rd and 11th platform shoe.

    Jessica | Vixenelle

  4. I had a a pair of creepers when I was 14. They were black with pink leopard print on them...and guess what I did...I sold them for £8 back in 2009/2010 and now they are in fashion psh! aha! I ended up buying a pair of black underground ones last year. x

    1. Oh no thats such a shame! At least you have another pair now x

  5. I love creepers but not sure I could really pull them off so I'm def investing in some flatforms soon. I love the first ASOS pair you found! xx

  6. I love creepers and platforms! I'm gradually developing an addiction to clunky 90s style shoes xxx

  7. I agree, creepers are amazing but far too expensive! Definitely need to get myself a pair of flatforms :) xx

  8. I love creepers, mens ones are way cheaper though which is unfair!x

  9. i love your blog. you have awesome style


  10. I'm afraid that I am not a fan :/ haha

    xo Jennifer

  11. I hated them when I first saw them but now am in love. Wish I could afford one of these beauties :( x

  12. Arrhhh.. Rhianna (and you) make them look so cool!! I really want to try a pair but not sure if I can pull them off. Try on session needed..



  13. I love creepers they always look so cute on everyone who wears them. My only problem is I think they would make my already too large feet look even larger :(

  14. I really want a pair of these but I just don't think I could pull them off x


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